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Gantt diagram Excel temlate
The Excel template provides an opportunity to create a Gantt chart that shows the time schedule for a project.
Features of Gantt chart Excel template:
    • given the project's tasks, their starting date and duration, the Gantt chart is generated autmatically,
    • in the Gantt chart relations between activities can be marked with arrows,
    • with the % progress of the tasks displayed as well,
    • the expired deadlines will be displayed by red color on the Gantt table,
    • number of sub-projects: 5,
    • number of tasks for projects: 30,
    • total  tasks to plan: 150,
    • time horizon: 3 years,
    • daily, weekly, decade or monthly resolution views,
    • unnecessary rows and columns can simply be deleted.
    • Gantt chart also available in Hungarian language.

By clicking on the picture, you can see a short video about how the Gantt diagram Excel template works!
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Gantt chart by Excel template
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